BAIKOR WORLDWIDE offers a wide range of products both raw and fully finished, reducing delivery times and simplifiying the purchasing process to the customer.

Our firm commitment to innovation is unwavering and is clearly reflected in tailor-made problem-solving ideas applied to customer needs with regard to technical aspects of their product range. The utilization of original and groundbreaking concepts and their adaptation to traditional centrifugal casting techniques is a keynote in Baikor Worldwide’s continuous aspiration to satisfy customer specifications by going one step beyond current knowledge and applying home-grown know-how as part of an unceasing innovative endeavour. Innovation is the lynchpin of the company’s essence and the principal driving force behind its production ethos, the key to its ability to solve unique casting and forging challenges.


Baikor has become an important partner in the supply of forged components over the years. We supply a wide variety of forged components in both free forging and stamping, from 50kg to 40,000kg.

The range of material goes according to the customer’s needs, adapting to specific chemical compositions if required. According to customer requests, specific ingots are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the project.

The materials supplied as a general rule are the following:

  • Carbon Steel: LF2, A105
  • Martensitics: A410/F6A, F6NM, 17.4PH, F9
  • Austenitics: F316/F316L, F317/F317L, F304/F304L, F347/F347H, ALLOY20
  • Duplex and superduplex: F51, F53, F55
  • Nickel Alloys: F44, INC 825, INC 625, MONEL 400, HASTELLOY


BAIKOR WORLDWIDE is one of the few manufacturers of components using shaped centrifugal casting. The casting process consists of pouring molten metal into a revolution mold rotating at speed while the molten metal adheres to the wall of the mold. In this way, we obtain parts with complex geometries and high quality, since the centrifugal force leaves the steel free of impurities.

We supply products from ½ ”to 36” in a wide range of stainless steels and special steels. Parts can be delivered in pre-machined condition or completely finished.

We also manufacture centrifuged tubes up to 1450 mm in diameter. We supply all kinds of components with circular geometries starting from centrifuge tubes, as well as spheres, rings, bodies, sides, etc.


We supply products cast in sand, replicast and lost wax with a range of weights per piece that varies from 0.5 kg to 15,000 kg depending on the production process. We carry out a study of the component to be manufactured to decide the most appropriate manufacturing method, advising our clients in making decisions.



We have a wide range of machining equipment inhouse or at the facilities of our regular partners, being able to machine complex geometries in all kinds of materials.

For those cases in which the geometry of the part to be manufactured requires it, we offer the latest technology with different machinery:

  • ETC.

Within our philosophy of service and delivery of components ready for use and assembly, we also offer cladding service as well as coatings by HOVF.

We have broad experience in cladding 316, Inc625, Stellite, Colmonoy etc.

With regard to HVOF, it is usual to coat tungsten carbide and chromium carbide in different thicknesses.